Tycho / today

This can't really come as a surprise to you all. This comic, "Little Gamers", has been around for way too long, stinking up the place we troll and call home - the internets. For the sane parts of the cyber sphere - the vast parts where we reside - we've been forced to take extravagant methods to ensure that the future generations will not fall prey to the inadequate minds that created this shit that is the vile and disgusting comic "Little Gamers". We bought it, for a surprisingly cheap price, and now we will break it up into small pieces and feed our pet dinosaurs, since yes, we have two of those. We will do this until there is nothing left. "Little Gamers", as you know it, is from this day, dead. No "long live Little Gamers", no tears. Just happiness and singing (and occasional dancing on the grave), knowing that the creation of two inbred idiot Swedes, has finally come to an end…

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Gabe / 2 day ago

Monday Sketchdump!

I'm about to get on another plane in a few hours but I wanted to get my Sketchdump posted real quick before I leave. Here's some stuff I was working on last week: -Gabe out

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