Say hi to the, soon to be, most international city in the world!

A couple of friends started a neat little project a week ago, and we’re involved. Mainly doing graphics work, like the logo, site, and stuff like that. But hopefully more things later on. So far, there’s an article in wired about us. Yeah, I’ve done something that has been written about in wired … stoked! :D

We’re working on the site now, so that it’ll have more info, but for now, here’s the Little Big Malmö, and the Facebook-thingie.

Woho! :D

This is a little part of why LG has been on the hiatus :)

… the comic about Little Big Malmö was a reaction to Filip Yifter-Svensson: Malmö behöver inte importera kreativ medelklass (it’s in Swedish, sorry not-so-swedish-reading-people).

September 4th, 2015 at 8:52 am

A little big part :)


There is no spoon.