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Have a happy holiday everyone!

I wish you a happy holiday, if we don’t speak before monday.

… next week will have a best/worst this year, if I can pull myself from RE6, Hitman and Dishonored. Will most probably be able to pull myself from the first two, but Dishonored might be harder! :)

And if we don’t speak to each other before next monday, well, then a happy new year too my friend. Much love!

Lets hope next year will be as awesome!

Today’s punchline is scissored from an adventurists article. Sorry, just couldn’t help myself.

One love people, and remember, if you have a few $$ left over, please consider helping us helping kids in Mongolia. Head over to our indiegogo-campaign, or donate here (look on the right side of the site).

December 20th, 2012 at 12:38 pm

You too, buddy. And all of you.


There is no spoon.