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I really delivered the joke in the last comic bad. Oh well, you win some, you fuck some up. So, I’ll make a new one now about ninjas to compensate.

We had our opening of the store/office last friday, it was good. I could go on and on about it, but I won’t, you’ll have to drop by and take a look on your own, and witness the awesomeness that IS Distorted Kids Store :)

I’m leaving for sheffield next week, family business, but the week after that, the store will be open for realz. Wed > Fri, 1PM > 4.45PM. Drop by people, buy something, or just chill out. We have Little Gamers’ books for sale too, and they’re free with a purchase.. oxymoron, I know :)

Peace people!

Did you see this comic? He started updating again I think.


There is no spoon.