No Soul, No calibre, just lost.



No Soul, No calibre, just lost.

Wednesday | October 8th, 2014

Life is what happens while you make plans.

… I call bullshit on that statement!


Three updates this week so far, what gives?!

Well, mostly I didn’t want anyone of you to miss the news about Anakata (You can find a lot of information on the whole deal here). It’s pretty fucked up if you think about it, and IF the conspiracy theories are correct.

Also, some people asked me to link up the relevant links to our Mongol rally sites. Well, here you go.


Not all that much information on those places right now, but the idea is to document as much as possible, so that we can be used as a handbook for future teams of the rally, and on how to organise it and plan.

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Slow start, and future plans. Mongol Rally 2013!

.. but working on it! :)

We decided to do the mongol (charity) rally next year. Entry fee is payed, and we’re slowly starting to plan it. This is going to be MENTAL!

Team name: Team Venture

For you who do not know, it’s a Charity Rally, where you basically drive a 1.2 engined car from Europe, to Ulaanbataar in mongolia. During the trip, you should try and raise money for charity and not get killed/shot/burned/eaten alive, and once there, you give the car to charity to be used as a car, or sold off and money donated to charity.

Our friend Steven Cloud did the rally a couple of years back, and we’ve been wanting to do it ever since.

Need heavy funding tho, mostly thru corporations I guess. That will be interesting :)

Thinking about maybe doing a indiegogo-project to raise some funds. Funds for the rally, but also for the charities connected to doing this rally. You guys have any ideas on what we could offer backers? Polaroid-picture from a random place in Kazakhstan? Shout out in blogs/socialmedia outlets? Stickers on the cars (yes, we’re driving two cars there), a DVD with the film we’re making while driving down (subtitled, for your pleasure), a photo book in nice quality with pictures from the road to oblivion/death, name one of the cars, we’ll draw you as a “little gamer”, give you a reoccurring spot in the comic (bring on the jokes about the comic never updating ;P), .. what else would one be able to offer? :) Give me your best tips!

Please subscribe to the newsletters we’ll be sending out. You’ll get the inside scoop on how one goes around planing and carry out something like this.

Welcome back.

There we go. One month hiatus. Slowly gonna make my way back. Don’t even know if there’s anyone left out there reading. If there is, then welcome back, thanks for sticking with me here while my life got turned upside down.

OK, so..
Wedding √
Honeymoon √
Drivers license √
Buying my first car √

I have so many grown up points now that I can be naked 24/7 for a year.. or two! :)


Hey there people who reads this comic.

Good news everybody!
(How many of you heard Professor Farnsworth’s voice there?)

I Got married.

Ok, so, honeymoon and some stuff will be going down (no pun intended, dirty YOU!) soon, which will delay the updating of the comic for a while longer. Sure, I might update on the road, but as usual, don’t really count on it.

In the meantime, you should go here, and sign the petition for getting Brokep’s sentence pardoned (read more about it here). You know, one of the piratebay guys, and the splendid chap behind Flattr.

I will keep you all posted on what’s up.

XOXO people, I love you all. Except those orcs.

Made some changes.

Working on streamlining the site a little.. trying stuff out, so that I know what to do and not to do when redesign the site. Thanks for having patience with me. And yeah, would never dream of removing the comments baby! :)

The #1 reason people visit the site is to read the comics, not my ranting, and shit like that.. so yeah.

We’re ad-free for a while now, hoping that we’ll sell some books, shirts or get some Flattr’ings or donations instead, which is pretty non-existing at the moment, but here’s hoping! :)

(Is there a shirt you guys would like to see?)

Also, the site will be responsive the next time it’s updated.. responds to flaming, wookies and spooning.

Also, big shout out to Hannes, the bearded guy! I’d love to hear more about your research!

Yup.. really really taken by surprise.

Last (long-)weekend was my bachelor party.. it was mind blowing. It went on for 5 1/2 days. I’m still not back to normal.

Forum.. no more.

Don’t give me any shit for removing the forum. It was unused, and infested by spam (not the good kind, not a single mention about penis enlargements).

So.. it’s gone now.


There is no spoon.

.. also!

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