#jegerdansker #nofaithinhumanityleft



#jegerdansker #nofaithinhumanityleft

Monday | February 16th, 2015

We’re back!

… and it hit me that we’ve been doing this since I was 20/21 .. and I’m now 34. Times change, and times stay the same.

We’re back from the rally too, yeah, oh, I already said that in the header… ok, cool.

How was your summer?

Mongol Rally – Keep yourself updated.

Remember, these are the outlets for our stuff whilst on the road.

Site: teamventure.se
Facebook: team.venture.adventure
Vimeo: Team venture movies
Twitter: mrmadsen

The TeamVenture.se site will have live tracking as long as we have batteries :)
See you soon! :D

Caustic Soda!

Our homie Shane Roeschlein just launched the campaign for Caustic Soda. Check it out!


Mr.Madsen | Comments Off

Soon comes the inevitable death of a salesman

Only 31 days left until we leave for Mongolia.



There is no spoon.

.. also!

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