Turn my world, upside down



Turn my world, upside down

Friday | March 31st, 2017

2 weeks!

And still going strong!


Hope you all have a great weekend people, 1<3! (Even you Tak ;P)

Trying something new.

… trying to update mon/wed/fri’s.

Lets see how this turns out. I’m most surely gonna fail :)

Retina, you fucker.

As of today, things should look a little bit better on retina screens. The archives however, will not be televised. I have well over 3000 comics there, and will not be updating those fuckers. No. No I will not.


Btw, what do you say about us going back to mon/wed/fri-schedule? Is there any cravings for that, or shall we keep it casual, like sex in college?

Hello! :)



There is no spoon.
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