The olympic hypocrisy games



The olympic hypocrisy games

Sunday | February 9th, 2014

The campaign is over, but the adventure is just beginning!

So, the indieGOGO-campaign is done and over. Now I need to print and send out some tshirts and stuff.

The turnout was amazing, and I’m very thankful for all you dudes/dudettes support. THANKS! :)

The planing for the rally continues.

Tonight we have a rally meeting where we will set the route in stone, so that we can start applying for Visas. Exciting!

Ok, catch you all on the flip side.


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Only 15 Hours left!

Only 15 hours (well, it was 15 hours when I wrote this) left before our Indie Go Go Campaign is over and done.

Come one people, it’s for charity and my uncertain death in the outbacks of Kazakhstan! You all want to see me dead, right? Then jump on over to indieGoGo and make it happen!

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Only 7, no, 5! days left to live …

… for our Indie Go Go Campaign that is.

So, if you want in on all the awesomeness (and want to support the cause), head over to and help us out! There’s one LG books 4-pack left up for grabs for instance! :D

Super fucking thanks to everyone that has already helped us out, we owe you big time and love you, long time, super long time.

xoxo! :D

Photo Contest!!

Our friends (and distributer!) over at is having a Photo Contest, and you should all submit some awesome pictures! I know I will!

… I can be nude, right? Oh, no nude? Damnit! >_<


OK, I almost burned out there. So I took a week of from everything, and hid myself in Thailand. Now I’m back, and it’s pretty much business as usual. The only new thing is that I’ll be taking everything in the right order, instead of doing it all at once and getting super stressed out.

So, yeah, pretty much the same as always when it comes to Little Gamers :)

Now, make some din-din, then maybe a comic? Who knows?!

Peace people, and thanks for sticking with me for all these years.

Awesome shirt!

This is one of the perks in our indiegogo-campaign, and if you ask me, it’s amazingly awesome.

All the money we raise will help us help kids in Mongolia (via SOS Children’s Villages among others)

Also, we’ve now bought both cars to be used in the rally, and pimping will be done on both vehicles after the holidays. Read more about our Ventures in the blog. Or look us up over at the face books.

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Have a happy holiday everyone!

I wish you a happy holiday, if we don’t speak before monday.

… next week will have a best/worst this year, if I can pull myself from RE6, Hitman and Dishonored. Will most probably be able to pull myself from the first two, but Dishonored might be harder! :)

And if we don’t speak to each other before next monday, well, then a happy new year too my friend. Much love!

Lets hope next year will be as awesome!

Today’s punchline is scissored from an adventurists article. Sorry, just couldn’t help myself.

One love people, and remember, if you have a few $$ left over, please consider helping us helping kids in Mongolia. Head over to our indiegogo-campaign, or donate here (look on the right side of the site).

Well, happy birthday Little Gamers.

December 1st, we turned 12 years of age.

How about that eh?
It’s been a hell of a ride.


There is no spoon.

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