As long as it doesn’t only have one wing



As long as it doesn’t only have one wing

Tuesday | April 21st, 2020


We’re now available …

… or we hope we are, in Russia!
Every now and then, so I guess same upload speed as we have here hehe ;)

Let me know if they translate it into something stupid ;_;.


Here’s a nice picture for you to throb over.


April fools … you … guys .. yup.

(This was the april fools joke thing)

No, penny arcade has not bought Little Gamers, but I sometimes wish they had. Imagine to be able to hang with those guys. Pick their brains. Mmmmmm, brains.

Full disclosure tho, penny arcade did not know about this april fools shenanigans, and since I’m somewhat using them for my joke, I hope they’re cool with it.I think Gabe has a thorn in his side when it comes to me, so I’m putting all my faith in the kindhearted spirit that is Tycho.

Anyways. Have an amazing easter everyone. Celebrate like there was no tomorrow. There might not be.


I’m super excited about Axiom Verge! How about you? :)

Also, super excited that our dear beloved & somewhat ‘wierd’ friends (we used to share beers, start boy bands and figured out the most offensive t-shirts known to man in San Diego every year during in our bewildered youth) over at the most amazing white ninja comic (remember those guys?! Right!? :D SUPER!) are trying to make the comic a series .. like, motion things … moving … you know, like Dr. Zhivago, but less mexicans acting like russians.

So, head over to whiteninjaseries and take a peek at them! :D

Surfs up!

Spring time.

Hello people.
And HELLO to all the new readers too. Nice to have you here.

Working on a redesign of the site, since this version of the site has been up since 2012, and it’s time to redo it.

Do you have any requests for features?
Anything you’d see we remove and/or improve?
Do we really need this space for my silly rantings?
Is it square to be hip?

Let me know people, you’re the ones making this site what it is.
(No, no ratings-feature. No one wants to see a bunch of ☆ :P)


There is no spoon.