Russian reversal



Russian reversal

Tuesday | April 14th, 2015

Trying something new.

… trying to update mon/wed/fri’s.

Lets see how this turns out. I’m most surely gonna fail :)

Retina, you fucker.

As of today, things should look a little bit better on retina screens. The archives however, will not be televised. I have well over 3000 comics there, and will not be updating those fuckers. No. No I will not.


Btw, what do you say about us going back to mon/wed/fri-schedule? Is there any cravings for that, or shall we keep it casual, like sex in college?

Hello! :)


That post below this one ..

.. well, sometimes when you’re drunk, you do things. And sometimes you don’t even need to be drunk, all it takes is them waving money in your face.

We’ve all been there.

I for one take my corner with me inside. :)


There is no spoon.

.. also!

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