Turn my world, upside down



Turn my world, upside down

Friday | March 31st, 2017

Spring time.

Hello people.
And HELLO to all the new readers too. Nice to have you here.

Working on a redesign of the site, since this version of the site has been up since 2012, and it’s time to redo it.

Do you have any requests for features?
Anything you’d see we remove and/or improve?
Do we really need this space for my silly rantings?
Is it square to be hip?

Let me know people, you’re the ones making this site what it is.
(No, no ratings-feature. No one wants to see a bunch of ☆ :P)

We’re 14 years old!


It’s now been 14 years since we started this comic and published the first one on the internets.

Today we celebrate that with launching our new Distorted Kids store (a Social Project me and Christian has been running since 1998, which includes Little Gamers as one of the projects), and if you wanna check it out, you can find it over at distortedkids.com, and to celebrate, use the code LGROCKS, and you’ll get 14% off, but only today! :)

Here’s for 14 more years people, I love you all! Even LemonTea (remember that guy?).

Distorted Kids.

Along side Little Gamers, we’ve ran a project called Distorted Kids Social Project, for nearly as long as LG, actually 2-3 years longer. And, finally we’re opening an online store for it. Opening on Cyber Monday if anyone is interested. Peace :)

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Every now and then …

Derp. I get these ideas that I should draw the comic by hand, every now and then. Bad idea tho.

I usually just end up drawing crap and lifting shit from Scott Pilgrim and then never finishing it. Yay me.

This is one of these, so enjoy the looking glas view of awful poop-poop. Have an awesome weekend people!


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There is no spoon.
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