A certainty



A certainty

Friday | October 12th, 2018

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Digging this comic very much

Check out loadingartist. Funny shit. Even tho Little Gamers’ was not in this one ;)


Hope friday comes soon.
Actually, I’m having Lasek done on thursday, so I hope sunday comes soon and the amazing awesome pain will be over.

Here’s a Q for you.

… is it friday yet? :-/

There’s a new comic you should check out

Dunno why I haven’t seen this before, ‘cuz it’s pretty damn awesome. Check it out!

That will be all.

Oh yeah, congrats on all the awesome things that happened in the election last night. The world is equally terrible now, instead of worse. That’s always something to be happy about :)


It is the weekends.

Hey you!

Nothing new really in my life. Almost all the time I have left over (when not working, which is 18h/day, YAY!) is used planning the rally we’re undertaking july 2013.

Been working hard on putting together PDF’s and shit like that, to be used when we start talking with potential sponsors for real to try and raising money for the charities as well as money for us (to pay for gas and shit like that).

I’ve been working hard on an indiegogo-campaign too (not live yet!), where some of the perks are “get drawn as a little gamer” and “be a recurring character in the comic” (Bring on the “but you never update”-comments you asshole ;D) among other cool things like postcards from nowhere, photo books and tshirts. I’ll let you know when it goes up, and link y’all up!

Feel free to check out the team’s facebooks™-page.

Be l33t, be safe, be yourself, enjoy the weekend, and I’ll see you all on monday.


There is no spoon.