A certainty



A certainty

Friday | October 12th, 2018

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Well, happy birthday Little Gamers.

December 1st, we turned 12 years of age.

How about that eh?
It’s been a hell of a ride.

Video for the indiegogo Campaign.

This is me.. trying to explain the rally with way to many “uhmmm”s and “eerrrr”s for the indiegogo crowd.


… also, no, I’m not drunk, that’s just the way I talk :'(

Indiegogo.com and perks.

We just added a new Perk to the indiegogo-campaign!

The “Little Gamers’ Book perk”
You will receive ALL 4 books released by little gamers (Book 1 has been sold out for 4 years, and will never be reprinted). They will all be signed by both authors. And we will love you forever.

Free shipping worldwide, and we will ship them the day after you pledge this perk!

Only 10 of these tho, so be fast, or be too later-er.

Mr.Madsen | Comments Off on Indiegogo.com and perks.

The eye surgery went well.. thanks for asking.

I still can’t see all that well, since the version of operation I went thru takes a little bit longer to heal up, but eventually, everything will (hopefully) be back to awesome.

I’m working on the comic now, but seeing (no pun intended) as I can’t really see what I’m doing, it might take a while, but it will be up before I go to bed tonight god damn it!! :)


We just launched our indiegogo.com-campaign for the rally, so please please take a look at it and support us with a few dimes if you can. And if you can’t support us, then please spread the word about the campaign. I would be forever grateful. Thanks you awesome people that read this little crappy comic I make :)


There is no spoon.