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Trying out the player-thingie

Sunday, May 25th, 2008

Wonderfull “cover” this is, yes, it is.

Book 4 Update

Monday, May 26th, 2008

• No Books have been lost!
• We haven’t been able to start shipping the book yet!

There is a light at the horizon now and we hope to have them in your hands very soon.
I am positive on this as I’m working on solving this issue all day, every day now.

If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
The books are coming people, we are truly sorry for the delays and suffering this has caused.

Convention news

Tuesday, May 27th, 2008

Later this week (friday I hope), I’ll announce what we’ll bring to the two cons we’re attending this year, yes, there will be (most probably) two new shirts for the convention :)

Here’s one of the 2 we’re thinking about doing. Not so very very LG-related, but hey, still funny :) (It’s a quote from Indiana Jones and The Last Crusade if you didn’t catch it).One of the tshirts

Oh, and I made a little desktop-wallpaper-thingie while doing this nifty little tutorial to “enlarge” my photoshop’ing skills, looks like this.

New design.. and other new thingies.

Thursday, May 29th, 2008

First: I can’t believe that “thingies” isn’t a real word yet.

Second: New design? Yes, yes it is.

We moved from Comikaze to WordPress and Comic Press. The benefits of being able to do more advanced things on my own and the fact that we now have comments on everything is the thing that made me finally do it.

This site is what some people might call a “soft beta”, and other people call it “Lazy fucks launch before they’re done with the site”. We’re still working on the site, yeah. Reason for launching it now is basically I don’t wanna wait, and it will also make it easier for Christian to not update when I’m gone.

We have the “tag this” and “share this” left to do, and some other small tweaks, but those can actually wait until I return. The most important stuff is in place. The comic can be seen, the archives works pretty good (need to make it “swoooosh” when folded out later), there’s rss-feeds (which I must add, looks way better than the old one), comments on both comic and rant is working.

.. oh, and the arronav™ (Arrow Navigation) is in place.. try using your left and right arrow on your keyboard to flip between comics btw, nice eh? Wonder how long it takes before every f’ing comic out there on the internets is using that? :) Hmm.. maybe we should make that into a little widget/plugin for WP?

Thanks once again to Aber for helping me out with this, one love, I’ll pass you a long ball at the football game on friday! :)


Oh, and if you find any broken links or so, please feel free to email me :)

(Shit, WP outputs the smileys by default, jesus! Turned off, yes, off!)

Added some stuff.

Saturday, May 31st, 2008

Ok, my plane leaves in like 3 hours, what the hell am I doing in front of the computer? And even more, ranting!? :) …Well, it’s hard to let go -_-;


The arronav™ problem where the page kept changing if you where trying to arrow-yourself-back in the text you were writing in an inputbox should now be fixed, dunno about Vista tho, since I know NO ONE that actually uses it which, in my eyes is a good thing, I can’t really check that out.

(The arronav™ is the navigation with your keyboard’s left/right keys, funky yeah!)

The issues with the alpha in .png’s will be dealth with/done on monday or tuesday I hope (not by me, but by a friend).

Added kinokofry and girls with slingshots to the linkpad too.

Also added a “ShareThis”-thingie until the real one is ready we’re working on is ready. And support for mp3-streaming is “go” :)

That’s all for now, time to get bored in another country! See you soon. I’ll miss you guys.


There is no spoon.