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I acquired them, now what?

So, today I picked up Beyond, and GTAV.

Beyond was/is dope. Many things make me wonder, but all-n-all, I’m very excited about the game.
Makes you wonder tho, if Ellen Page wasn’t doing the voice and the character looking like her, would it still be an OK game? Am I really that vain? Yes, yes I am.

Just look at The last of Us. Chick look like Ellen Page = Instant classic/BEST GAME EVAH!

Vain, number of the game.

… GTAV? Yeah, I’ll get to that soon, need to make sure I’m ready for a nuclear and/or alien attack first, since that’s how long I’ll be playing that f’ing game as soon as I start.

Peace fuckers.

November 7th, 2013 at 2:24 pm

So have you lost all your free-time to GTAV yet then? I Stopped playing it randomly about 2 weeks ago to replay Skyrim. So umm yeah between them my social life is non-existant again!


There is no spoon.