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Archive for 2011


Thursday, March 10th, 2011

Hey guys. What’s up with you dudes/dudettes?
Hope all is well.

On this side of the duck pond, we’re busy with moving our offices from the beautiful town of Ängelholm, down to the criminally challenged city of Malmö… yeah, hence the somewhat lack of updates.

Today, we will submit our latest Little Gamers’ inspired .app for the iPhone. Keep your eyes on this space, or follow me over at twitter if you want to know when it’s up for grabs.

We put a great whole deal of love into this .app, so I hope you like it. It makes me laugh every time I boot it up :)

Also, next week, I’m finally getting going to Thailand on that vacation. I have a feeling that Christian won’t update that much while I’m gone, so I’m bringing a computer which will make it possible for me to update while I’m over there.

I’ll leave you with the friday-song. Don’t listen to it until tomorrow, ok!? ;) + a bonus song (right click and download).

Any of you guys going on a vacation soon?
What kind of .app would you like Little Gamers to make next?

xoxo people.


There is no spoon.