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A store for all you in the EU (and everyone else too yo) an EU store!!

So, the last year or some, people in the EU have been bitching about shipping and customs when it comes to ordering awesomeness from our store in the US. Well, we fixed that.

Let me introduce, the little gamers EU store.

Right now, there isn’t the same merchandise in the two stores, but we’re working on getting them in sync.. baby steps, baby steps.

The wonderful people behind Bytelove.com contacted us and offered their help, and we took it. Plus, it’s not everyday you get to have a store with the piratebay.. it’s like we’re almost sleeping together.. mmmm… like, wet dreams..

You’re of course welcome to use the EU store even if you don’t live in the EU, just like you’re welcome to use the US store even tho you don’t live there.

Shirts in the EU store that are new:


There is no spoon.