Oh boy. Not the chocolate drink. Not today anyways.

Hello all!

I have learnt the lesson.

If Christian goes “We need more work, we need more money for the company… to pay for the iPads.. and my booze” or if I’m about to go on a vacation, then all hell WILL break lose. We will get more work than we had bargained for, making us work pretty much non stop all the time (yeah yeah, like the regular mortals do, I know).

Next week I’m of to Cali for 12 days to show the GF (yes, the one who said “Cute”.. *mumble*..) the great state that IS California. Also, Christian is getting married there, so we’ll drop by for that too of course. So, that means vacation soon.. which means the last 2 weeks has been filled with new jobs, which is awesome, but as you might have noticed, makes me neglect the comic a little bit :)

.. also, last monday, Christian said “We need more work, we need more money for the company… to pay for the iPads.. and my booze“.. so we now all of a sudden have twice as much work *poof*! to get done by May fifth when I leave for Cali :)


While I’m gone, Christian will be gone too, which is good, since then he can’t forget to update the comic. But I’ll do my best to do some comics “ahead of time”, and create some whilst on the road. If you have a comic of your own (and have at least 50 comics posted), feel free to make a guest comic, and I’ll most probably run it. Good way for you to get some traffic maybe?

Remember, if it’s not offensive, people will forget it ;)

Talk to you all soon. And feel free to email me, I will reply.

Jon Scrivens
April 28th, 2010 at 4:09 am

Consider one on it’s way!

April 28th, 2010 at 5:50 pm

Hey, California USA, eh? What part, as I currently live in California (So Cal anyway). I could acquire beers?


There is no spoon.