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2010 Convention Tour

Hey people.

We’re in the mist of organizing this year’s convention run. We’re looking in to doing ConnectiCon, MechaCon and of course San Diego Comic Con.

With these three cons we “cover” all fronts, east, west and middle.

My question now is; Does any of you people know anyone organizing/involved with MechaCon? Reason I’m asking is in order to do all these conventions, we need help with accommodation and convention table. We’re saving up all our money to pay for all the insane airfare, but yeah, need some help from the conventions with hotel room. And if someone could add a little kind word on behalf of us, we’d love you forever.

.. same goes for ConnectiCon I guess. They were super cool last year, hopefully they can/will be so this year too.

This years tour will be called “No Excuses”-tour, so you know it’ll be GOOD.

Plan is also to drive from Connecticut > New Orleans (since we have a few days between conventions), and on the way stop in random small cities and have meetups/tweetups/whatnot. This way, we’ll be able to meet as many readers (you) as possible, since lets face it, this is probably the last convention run we’re doing in the US for a while.

Anyways, holler back if you can/want to help us out.



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