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Archive for 2009

Server troubles.

Saturday, January 10th, 2009

So, we’ve had some probs, or part of the server was pulling to much hate, and had to be shut down. Don’t really know what was up, but it seems someone 1) Linked us from somewhere, sending us way to much traffic.. or 2) Some form of living-in-mum’s-basement attack-skills +3. Something that overloaded our database was done never the less, bringing our server to it’s knees :(

Either way, it’s now up again, and hopefully it’ll stay that way. I’m off tonight for Sälen for a few days, so if it goes down again, my hopes are that Christian will mail the correct people and inform them.

See you all on the other side! :)


So, It’s my birthday and I cry if I want to, and believe me, I will cry.

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Right now, when you’re reading this, I’m on a little mini-vacation in Sälen, to celebrate my becoming of age, “old age”. I do this every year, since I do not like being home on my birthday. I was thinking Tokyo for a week, but since that costs money (!? sunnovaitch!), I went snowboarding with the Ms.’ in Sweden instead. Driving distance. Wish Tokyo was driving distance.

Anyways, I did a guestcomic for OC, a comic he said he’d post today, so it should be there, or been there, or IS TEHRHE!

I’ll be back on friday, so next comic from me will be on monday (I have a buffert btw, so mon-wed is safe and will be updated automagical, lets hope Christian can update thu-fri).

Until then, take care people! :)


There is no spoon.