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Dmitry Fyodorov

This just in from the .. ehm.. future press! :)

The ongoing series of releases with Dmitry Fyodorov, is not just one brick after the other. It’s a ladder, and it brings us down every time. This is the deepest, darkest, moldiest piece up to date, therefore also the best and most uplifting. A track for days of leisure. Your own free time – being free from civilization, booking flights to Berlin, staying awake for days, listening to techno, not knowing what day it is, not caring if the world ends. Leisure time!

Adrian Recordings releases a new Dmitry Fyodorov track every 29th of 2008. “Leisure” is the 9th.

I was lucky enough to get this a bit “ahead of time” (boy, do I feel special right now), and who am I if I do not share it with you all?



It’s really gritty, I like gritty.

October 2nd, 2008 at 12:06 am

Cheers for posting this, just gone and bought the other 8 tracks. Tip top stuff.


There is no spoon.