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So, I’m a bit late on the updates, mainly since we had no internet access when we where in Texas, and we just arrived at Hartford/Connecticut. I’ll try and make a comic for tomorrow, and that should hopefully go up around 20.00 or something CET (2PM EST), but who knows, that might not happen :(

We have a panel tomorrow at 11AM (just found that out an hour ago), and we also have one on sunday.. great, so much for preparations.. oh well, we’ll just do a Q&A with the 3 dudes that shows up :)

Now, I need to sleep. Hopefully I’ll se some of you guys tomorrow :D

.. oh, and we shot guns today, I might have liked it a bit too much :/

August 1st, 2008 at 4:22 pm

I remember your panel at Otacon a few years back. There were more than three people that showed up!


There is no spoon.