Friday | June 20th, 2008

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June 20th, 2008 at 11:16 am

Så du röstade för dessa arselhål. O_o ..I., tackar….

June 20th, 2008 at 11:36 am

HAHA :D Thanks guys!! that made my day.
now lets leave for USA.
“Vi ska fly till Amerika!!!!”

June 20th, 2008 at 11:54 am

So is this being checked now? The possibilities!!!!!!
Don’t be so quick to run to the states tho. I had a British friend who worked over there and his keystrokes were monitored on his computer, he had limited access to the internet, and he had to walk around with a badge with FN on it for Foreign National. Mind you he did better than his boss who was Korean, and had even more stuff limited to him. I think they made him walk around with a sign saying “If you hear me tick, shoot me!”

June 20th, 2008 at 1:28 pm

we are screwed.. i liked the flag tho, maybe ill steal it and put on a sticker and put the sticker on everything in stockholm ;)

The Betrayal on Democracy « Moon Logic
June 20th, 2008 at 2:26 pm

[…] –So what can we do now? There’s currently a lot attempts right now, some more serious than others, to ravel the new law. If you’re from Sweden, or are familiar with the Swedish language, my best advice would be to read this and this. If we can’t get a change now we will hopefully get it on the 19th of september, 2010. If you’re from some other place, well, then there is not much you can do but sit by and wait. Eventually we will win, there’s only a matter of time. […]

June 20th, 2008 at 3:17 pm

I dont get it

June 20th, 2008 at 3:51 pm

It’s cause your stupid

June 20th, 2008 at 5:02 pm

They did something that could resemble the patriot act here in Sweden, two days ago.

June 20th, 2008 at 5:21 pm

I get the whole “it’s like the patriot act” comparison. I just don’t understand how that flag in any way looks like the US flag. Other than “it has stars” which matches a multitude of other national flags, heck after looking at a list of national flags I thought it was some kind of joke about the Congo flag.

June 20th, 2008 at 5:46 pm

i dont know how “free” the people of kongo is : P but
i think it’s a swedified version of the chinese flag

June 20th, 2008 at 11:19 pm

Sweden is now in the same club as China and Saudi Arabia

June 20th, 2008 at 11:46 pm

They are making fun of the Chinese flag.

June 21st, 2008 at 12:02 am

AHHHH, ok that makes alot more sense. So apparently they went a different way than i thought on that joke.

June 21st, 2008 at 1:47 am

*worries for the pirate bay*

When I first saw it I thought it was a cross between China and the EU :P

June 21st, 2008 at 3:46 am

I didn’t know downloading pron and warez counts as “Terrorist Activity”.

June 21st, 2008 at 8:32 am

The Anarchyz
June 21st, 2008 at 8:45 am

The joke could be funnier with the US flag instead of the PRC flag, the chinese have opressing laws since forever but they are honest about that and they don’t hide it, but countries like the US which yell to the world “we are the free world” and then have laws like the patriot act are the real irony…

June 21st, 2008 at 4:49 pm

I don’t know about that. They’re showing where Sweden’s going rather than ripping on the ironies that make up America *again*.

June 21st, 2008 at 7:30 pm

huray for multifail :D

well I guess its ‘tomorrow’ already
so gratz to madsen :p (arent you lucky the fra law didnt get passed on your birthday xD)

Gastronomic Gamer
June 22nd, 2008 at 8:21 am

Wow. That’s extremely intrusive and against privacy. Viva la revolution!

June 22nd, 2008 at 7:20 pm

Wow… Epic Fail for us poor swedies.

June 23rd, 2008 at 12:05 am

THIS MAKES ME SO ANGRY! It makes me want to BOMB something! :D

June 23rd, 2008 at 12:57 am

“OMG! LOOK GUYS! I found something on Someone said he wants to BOMB something! Our super computer was totaly worth the 75 millions we paid H&P for it”

June 23rd, 2008 at 7:12 am

whats the big problem its only a matter of personal privacy jeeze you’d think they were taking your freedoms >.>

June 23rd, 2008 at 9:52 am

i was just wondering,

you have that ‘sign email thing’ right ?
like your name or sth…

well if you look up arabic words for “bomb” “nuke” “chemical” and just put that in your “email signature” then eventually their filter will become totally worthless (if everyone does that kind of thing…) and then

critiscism + ‘boo fra law- u suck’



Atwa Terra
June 23rd, 2008 at 10:31 am

Christ. First Sweden is Sweden, full of Swedish beer, and now it has a new FRA law? Come on.

June 23rd, 2008 at 2:19 pm

It took me a while to stop thinking about EU.. then I got the joke.

June 24th, 2008 at 12:12 am

Shit… What’s going to happen to That’s like my favorite site… Does that mean I’ll actually have to go out and buy software/movies?

June 24th, 2008 at 2:08 pm

Damm another bastion of liberty gone -_-
Well tis a shame, Hopefully the swedish will be able to throw this one out in the future. Although governments have a habbit of keeping represive laws like this one on the books….

June 26th, 2008 at 9:03 am

That’s true. Besides the fact that it is harder legislatively to take something back than it is to add it to the books.

June 28th, 2008 at 2:42 pm

Encrypted tunnels ftw?

June 30th, 2008 at 8:26 pm

hmm…im moving no doubt


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